Next Generation Driver Safety Training

Master the rules of the road in virtual reality at a pace-setter academy. Achieve safer drivers of your company cars, fleet vehicles or trucks with our comprehensive classroom curriculum. With virtual reality training, your team members learn in a controlled, minimal risk environment, regardless of their skill level.
All training is accompanied by classroom sessions with certified instructors and detailed curriculum including manuals, VR drives, and computer-based assessment to implement skills gained from lesson.
Comprehensive curriculum enforces skills necessary to reduce risk and accidents:
  • Defensive driving
  • Visual targeting
  • Adverse conditions
  • Confined Space
  • Focused
The training is a one-time, 4-hour course offered 6 days a week. Individuals and groups may be scheduled. Custom Course Development is available; allowing for tailoring instruction design to include your company’s policies & procedures
The member cost for the course is $149. If you are not a member of the Safety Council of Southwest Louisiana, the cost of the course is $199. A minimum class size of 5 students is required. Log into your account and use Course Code, 13WDAIL, to register today.