Pre-Qualification Form Login and Information

The Safety Council of Southwest Louisiana, working with area industrial facilities and contractors, developed a reciprocal Contractor Pre-Qualification process.

Based on the standardized prequalification form, PQF allows contractors and owners/operators to clearly communicate their qualifications and connect with each other for their operations.

How it Works:

  • Contractors complete the secure, electronic form, providing a thorough description of services, qualifications and document uploads.
  • The form is accessible to contractors 24/7 for them to make changes, modifications and updates.
  • Owners/operators can easily browse contractor companies and use this information to determine if contractors meet requirements for jobs at their sites. They may access and view the PQF for contractors that meet their needs.
  • Contractors can decide what owners/operators may have access to their PQF.
  • A PQF is only eligible for one year from the date it is submitted. If renewal is selected, the system will copy all information from the previous year’s PQF. Contractors will need to press submit in order for the PQF to be visible again.


  • Used by hundreds of owners/operators and thousands of contractors
  • Offers search, filter, and request capabilities
  • Audited by professional, independent third-parties based on specific process safety management requirements

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