Comprehensive Employee Background Screening Solutions

For the safety and security of your workforce, we offer background screening via the professional employment screening company S2Verify through the Safety Council Basic Package program with the Safety Council Security Consortium (SCSC).

S2Verify is a full-service pre-employment screening provider. They are NAPBS accredited to ensure your employment screening program aligns with FCRA guidelines.

The background screening package is recognized as industry standards for security screening. The package includes the following background screenings:
  • All Known Address Search
  • County Criminal Report
  • Federal Criminal Report
  • Motor Vehicle Report
  • Nation Scan
  • Patriot Act
  • Prohibited Parties Search
  • Social Security Verification

Grading of background screenings is conducted using a matrix on eight levels, scaling up from 0-7.
  • “00” indicates a clear record
  • “01” -“02” indicated a misdemeanor
  • “03”-“06” indicates a felony
  • “07” indicates a Patriot Act Search hit

Download Grading Matrix